I was commissioned by PlayOffice design company to illustrate some concepts for the entrance of this new ans innovative school located in Madrid. This was a great challenge for me, not only because of the size of the illustrations, but especially because of the difficulty of representing such abstract concepts.
Global Mindset
Reflection and Creativity
This wall represents creativity and reflection. To represent creativity I have used elements such as pencils, brushes, paint, notebooks, geometric figures ... all immersed in a dreamlike and "creative" world. In addition to elements made with the "artistic" creativity I have also introduced objects such as test tubes , the typical bottles of chemistry classes geometric figures ... trying to represent a more scientific creativity or even related to engineering (cogwheels). With the re-establishment of the interconnected brains I wanted to link the concept of creativity with that of "Reflection" to show the need to reflect on the environment at all levels (social, empathy, critical thinking ...) In this sense the snacks and citizens of the future (elongated characters).
In this wall I wanted to emphasize the need to take care of the environment to make it more sustainable without forgetting the relationships between us. All the elements that I have drawn try to represent a fragile world that needs to be protected.
Success, Collaboration and Determination
To represent the concept of "Collaboration" I have used many connected and working elements together to achieve an objective, cogwheels of a mechanism, handshake, connected cables, connected geometric figures ... and to describe success (of any kind , not only the economic one) I have incorporated stairs that go up and roads that go very far, objects that also represent "determination" and the determination to achieve the objectives that lead to success.
Curiosity is represented by eyes, looks, elements of world travel, books, microscope, binoculars, a ladder that leads to a door into the unknown ... many elements to describe the desire to learn from students.
Global Mindset
This wall represents a very heterogeneous and varied world and the desire to know it,
of traveling through different places with other cultures. Diversity is represented in the form of fantasy with invented sites, ships, plane and ships take us to these places. The heads from which different things come out represent the variety of races, cultures and thoughts and the hearts the "global mindset"

Finally, as a gift for a select group of guests at the inauguration we decided to make an engraving using the photopolymer technique. For this reason I made an adaptation of all the concepts in a single illustration.
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