Oscar Llorens is a Spanish artist born in Madrid in 1975. After studying business administration, he worked as an illustrator for various advertising agencies and magazines, but always felt the need to explore his creativity in a more personal way.
Inspired by the nostalgia of his childhood, Llorens began creating works of art that reflected his most endearing memories, colorful characters, and everyday situations that bring us closer to the most important years of our lives. His style is vibrant and cheerful, full of details that invite us to explore every corner of his creations.
Throughout his career, Llorens has worked for clients around the world, including Coca-Cola, Washington Post, Le Monde, Cirque du Soleil and Google, among others. His work has also been exhibited in numerous galleries, both in Spain and abroad.
Llorens' work is a journey into childhood, through endearing and colorful characters that make us smile and remind us how important it is to enjoy life.
If you have some project or just want to say hello, you can do it here: ollorens@ollorens.com 
• 2022. OneOffs NFT
• 2022. ART021, Taiwan.
• 2022. ART Taipei
• 2022. ART Formosa
• 2022. ART Taichung 
• 2022. ART Hsinchu 
• 2022. WHATZ, Taipei.
• 2022. Taipei Dongdai
• 2022. ART SOLO , Taiwan
• 2022. ONE ART TAIPEI, Taipei Taiwan
• 2021. ART TAICHUNG, in Central Taiwan
• 2021. West Bund Art & Design, in Shanghai China
• 2021. ART TAIPEI, Taipei Taiwan
• 2021. ART FORMOSA , Taipei Taiwan

• 2021. Art Tainan Art Fair. Taiwan
• 2021. "Welcome Home Art" 3punts Gallery. Barcelona
• 2018. Sala Pavilion. Madrid
• 2017. Palacio de las alajas. Madrid
• 2016. Atomic Garden. Madrid.
• 2014. Art Firday. Madrid.
• 2014. La Galería Roja. Sevilla .
• 2014. Panta Rhei. Madrid.
• 2014. La Galería Roja. Sevilla
• 2014. The “Positive Side Effects•. Quevec
• 2014. The “Positive Side Effects•. Paris
• 2013. Escalera de incendios. Barcelona
• 2012. Escuela Tag. Madrid
• 2012. Guru Gallery. México
• 2012. Green Card Gallery. Nueva York
• 2011. Capetown. Madrid
• 2011. Hotel Kafka. Madrid
• 2010. Utopic_Us. Madrid
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