I have spent the last 15 years working as an illustrator for both national and international clients (from "The Washington Post" to "Vanity Fair", with campaigns for companies such as Coca-Cola, United Nations or Cirque du Soleil).
Parallel to my commercial work I also have extensive experience as a plastic artist, with individual and collective exhibitions (Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, NY, Mexico City ...)

If you have some project or just want to say hello, you can do it here: ollorens@ollorens.com
Agencies: Saatchi& Saatchi Berlin ,Young & Rubicam, TBWA, BBDO, El laboratorio, Leo Burnet, Sra. Rushmore, EuroRSCG,
Contrapunto, Delvico, JWT... 
Clients: Cirque du Soleil, Coke, Red Bull, Mercedes, Lacoste, United Nations, European Union, Samsung, Fiat, Movistar, Vodafone, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, El Corte Inglés...
Magazines: The Washington Post, Fortune, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, ABC, Yorokobu, El País, Cambio 16,... 
• 2021. Art Tainan Art Fair. Taiwan
• 2021. "Welcome Home Art" 3punts Gallery. Barcelona
• 2018. Sala Pavilion. Madrid
• 2017. Palacio de las alajas. Madrid
• 2016. Atomic Garden. Madrid.
• 2014. Art Firday. Madrid.
• 2014. La Galería Roja. Sevilla .
• 2014. Panta Rhei. Madrid.
• 2014. La Galería Roja. Sevilla
• 2014. The “Positive Side Effects•. Quevec
• 2014. The “Positive Side Effects•. Paris
• 2013. Escalera de incendios. Barcelona
• 2012. Escuela Tag. Madrid
• 2012. Guru Gallery. México
• 2012. Green Card Gallery. Nueva York
• 2011. Capetown. Madrid
• 2011. Hotel Kafka. Madrid
• 2010. Utopic_Us. Madrid
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